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Looking for unrivalled ROI on Snapchat? Our pro training is for you.

Copy & paste the exact ads we use at our marketing agency to deliver up to 31x return on investment for our clients using Snapchat Ads. Learn every inside trick on launching, testing and scaling campaigns that have generated millions in new revenue for companies all over the globe.

All members receive a LearnAds Pro Certificate on completion.

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Who Is This For?

Snapchat Ads

Training Designed for Business Owners and Freelancers.

Our Pro training is made for those looking to master the art of digital advertising. Regardless of whether you're a local restaurant, a global e-commerce store or even a freelancer, our Pro Snapchat Ad course will help you explode your revenue through hyper-profitable ads.

Learn How To:

  • Plan, Create & Launch Snapchat Ads
  • Write An Impenetrable Marketing Plan
  • Increase Customer Life-Time-Value
  • Scale Aggressively Yet Profitably
  • Manipulate The Algorithm
  • Copy & Paste Proven Strategies

& much more...

Why LearnAds?


Globally Certified Educators in Advertising.
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At LearnAds, we never settle for anything less than world-class training. With this in mind, all of our programs are certified by the CPD, each passing rigorous examination criteria.

It's our mission to simplify the intimidating world of digital advertising and bring previously unachievable return on investment to the masses. Skip years of trial & error, learning directly from the worlds most influential marketers.

Our Pro Snapchat Ad course is taught by Jordan Platten, owner of, an advertising agency responsible for managing over $100k per day in ad spend.

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Assess Interest
Identify Buyers
Satisfied Buyers
Stronger Brand
Decreased CPC
Increased LTV
Good Data
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Course Lessons

Lesson 1 - Reaching 1,000 Customers For $2

Learn what different Snapchat ads look like, along with a preview of expected results on the platform and current trends.

Lesson 2 - The Science Of Return On Investment

Worried about starting ads? This lesson will teach you how to position your business for success and help you to identify your exact advertising objectives.

Lesson 3 - Laying Your Foundations

The most important part of any ad is the offer. In this video you will learn how to genetically modify your offer to ensure maximum success.

Lesson 4 - Setting Up Snapchat Business Manager

Don’t worry if you’re completely new to Snapchat ads, In this lesson we’ll show you how to navigate effectively through the business suite with ease.

Lesson 5 - Tracking Every Click And Every Penny

In this lesson you’ll learn how to set up a Facebook Pixel quickly and effectively. This lesson will ensure you can track your ad campaigns and website conversions accurately.

Lesson 6 - Identify Your Objectives

The first stage of creating any advertisement is knowing the objective. This lesson runs through all Snapchat advertising campaign objectives, highlighting each of their unique uses.

Lesson 7 - Targeting Your Dream Customer

You could create a perfect advert but if it isn’t reaching the right people then its worthless. This video will teach you how to ensure that your ads reach hyper relevant audiences every time.

Lesson 8 - Compelling Ad Creatives

This lesson will not only teach you how to create attention grabbing ads, it will also teach you how to captivate and sell your products easily.

Lesson 9 - Developing Your Ad Strategy

In this lesson you will learn why ad strategies are successful. From this you’ll understand how to budget your ads and what to aim for with your initial campaign.

Lesson 10 - Ad Creation A-Z

You’ve learned the theory, now it's time to launch your ads and scale your business! This lesson is a fully comprehensive step by step tutorial teaching the ad creation process. You will also learn how to label and keep track of your ads efficiently.

Lesson 11 - Approval Process And Policies

Understand how Snapchat approves ads and which policies to watch out for.

Lesson 12 - Ultimate Marketing Plan Template

This lesson will teach you how to build a complete marketing strategy for your business, using our ready-made document. Including your full buyer persona, advertising goals and financial advertising targets.

Lesson 13 - Testing Strategies

Just because you think your advert will convert, doesn’t mean it will. That’s why it’s crucial you have a comprehensive testing strategy in place. This video will teach you multiple ways of testing your marketing strategy whilst minimising budget loss.

Lesson 14 - Retargeting Masterclass

Retargeting will hold up your ad account as you scale your ads, in this lesson we will show you how to squeeze the most out of your retargeting campaigns.

Lesson 15 - Data Analysis

After managing millions in ad spend, we know exactly what figures to look out for. In this video, you will learn how to fine-tune your ads in order to reach the peak of budget spent vs return.

Lesson 16 - Rapid And Predictable Scaling Methods

Effective scaling is what prevents the majority of advertisers from getting exceptional results. This video will teach you a number of proven strategies used to scale ads with limitless potential.

Lesson 17 - Beating The Algorithm

A deep dive into how the Snapchat algorithm works and what you can do to manipulate it.

Lesson 18 - Conversion Optimisation And Manual Bidding

This video will teach you strategies that most elite advertisers keep close to their chest. Manual bidding is the forbidden fruit of the Snapchat advertising world, enabling advertisers to dominate marketplaces through complete cost control.

Lesson 19 - The Bidding In Auction

Learn how to dominate your marketplace by bullying your competitors off the Snapchat platform. This is our go-to strategy for business domination.

Lesson 20 - Achieving Omnipresence

Cross-platform advertising will allow you to appear everywhere and sprint ahead of your competitors. In this video, we cover how to dominate your customers newsfeed.

Lesson 21 - Snapchat Video Ad Formats

The exact video ads script we have used to make millions of dollars is now available to you. This script has been proven to convert and is a dangerous weapon in the hands of any advertiser.

Lesson 22 - The Perfect Video Ad Script

The exact video ads script we have used to make millions of dollars is now available to you. This script has been proven to convert and is a dangerous weapon in the hands of any advertiser.

Lesson 23 - Web Funnel Optimisation

Learn how to optimise your websites and funnels to increase conversion rates. This lesson will give you examples of winning funnels and teach you how to replicate them.

Lesson 24 - Proven Landing Page Templates

Copy and paste the exact landing pages we use within our agency. From lead generation to direct sales, we have it covered.

Lesson 25 - Full Brick And Mortar Strategy

In this video, you will learn proven strategies used to get outstanding results for Brick and Mortar businesses, including Restaurants, Furniture stores, Clothing shops and more.

Lesson 26 - Full Lead Generation Strategy

In this video, you will learn proven strategies used to get high quality, qualified leads for your business. You will learn how to effectively drive your cost per lead prices down to insanely profitable levels.

Lesson 27 - Full E-commerce Strategy

In this video, you will learn proven strategies used to get outstanding results for your E-commerce business. You will learn the exact methods we have used to generate millions for a multitude of e-commerce brands.



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The Results

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course aimed at?

All our training is for business owners and marketing professionals looking to expand their knowledge of digital advertising. If you’re a marketing agency looking for training, please click here.

Do I need to have any previous experience?

No, all our training is built so complete beginners can start learning right away. If you’re looking at taking one of our pro courses, we recommend you enrol in the beginner version too, for more foundational knowledge.

How long does it take to complete?

As you’ll have lifetime access to our training, you can progress at your own pace. It will take a maximum of 7 days to complete our training if time is of the essence, allowing enough time to absorb the information.

What if I’m unhappy or decide the course isn’t for me?

If you have changed your mind, contact us within 30 days of enrolling and we’ll give you a refund in full as long as you've not watched over 25% of the course. For any clarification please contact before purchasing.

I want to learn more, how can I?

We have pro versions of all our training. In our pro training we teach the exact strategies we use at our marketing agency, leaving no stones left unturned.

What If I don’t want to manage my own ads?

Not all business owners opt for running ads themselves! Some will decide to delegate to a member of their team, others will opt for working with a marketing agency. If you wish to explore our done-for-you service, please contact us here.

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