Our Business' Aspiration

About Us ...

LearnAds was built on the foundations of a passion for a world where all business owners achieve maximum results through outstanding paid digital advertising. This desire stemmed from the plethora of experience that Joe and myself have gained over our years of successfully working with hundreds of business owners within the Affluent Agency, our revenue-driven digital advertising agency.

After years of achieving consistent results for the companies that we work with, and thousands of hours fine-tuning our strategies, it became apparent that there was a huge knowledge gap between business owners and the world of paid digital advertising, so we began work on the solution to bridge it.

LearnAds is an online education platform that comprises a series of high-quality training courses, designed with the sole purpose of simplifying paid digital advertising for business owners. We are officially handing over the keys to consistent quality leads, by offering fully comprehensive, easy to follow education, that enables businesses to understand, run, and execute results-driven paid digital advertising campaigns.

Joe Hides, Operations Director (left), Jordan Platten, Managing Director (right)